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A Taste of Moor (and more): Granada and Sevilla

Knowing that Spain had a few centuries of Moorish rule, I wanted to visit that part of the country. So in October 2013, I headed south to Granada and Sevilla. I decided to live a little dangerously – no Spanish language capability yet, I opted to travel by train where I could. No rail travel announcements or signs in English (did not expect any) so I relied on instinct and intuition. The important thing was I arrived at each place without much ado. Thereafter, my days blessed with sunshine, I proceeded to be charmed by Granada and Sevilla, awed by Alhambra, and entranced by flamenco. I barely scraped the surface, which means a return trip is a must. Much more to see in Andalucia.


Catedral de Sevilla
World Expo Pavilion
That iconic jamon



I can only imagine the splendour of this historical city, which was home to rulers, scientists, philosophers, architects, artisans, scholars, poets, men of letters, and other such learned types, for a few hundred years.

Elsewhere in Granada…

¡Buenos diás, Granada! View from my hotel room at sunrise
Buenas noche, Granada